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Week Beginning 19th March 2018 - Westmeston

It turned a little bit warmer this week once again and we were able to play outside without coats at times.

We have been painting, drawing and sticking. We have

been getting messy making salt dough. We have been

practising our pencil grip doing various activities and we have been making patterns

with loose parts.

We enjoyed playing in the woods and have been climbing over logs and gates. We talked about birds and how they communicate with each other. They sing and chirp when they feel safe but this changes when there is danger to help

warn the other birds. We played a game where we pretended to be birds. We used masks and acted out being various woodland animals talking about whether they were prey or predators.

On Thursday we were lucky enough to go St Martin's Church in Westmeston. We had a lovely walk up there accompanied by Tessa, one of our Hall Trustees. At the Church, Gary the Parish Youth Officer told us all about the Easter Story. We were fascinated and we sat and listened very quietly. We were then treated to an Easter Egg Hunt in the grounds of the church and a chick hunt

inside. We had lots of fun and managed to find all of the eggs. Back inside the church Father David was happy to entertain us and answer any questions that we had while Tessa helped us to ring the church bells! We would like to thank everyone for the lovely time that we had.

This week we have had to remind each other not to pick the flowers in the grounds. We have talked simply about the flowers providing food for insects that could then be food for birds and that they all rely

on each other to

survive. On Friday we had a competition and designed posters about flower picking. We fairly decided the winner by a vote but we all got a prize because they were all brilliant! We spent a lot of time outside. We made drop scones (two of them actually looked like they should!) and had hot chocolate. There was lots of free play. We went up the mountain and played with the animal masks talking about prey and predators again which prompted a lot of interesting play. We felt that we learned a lot about relationships and how we need to work hard to communicate with each other like the animals and birds do if we are to get along and stay safe. We rounded off the week with another Egg Hunt!

Next week is our final week before the Easter Holiday. Have a lovely weekend!

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