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Week beginning 12th March 2018 - Westmeston

We have had a wonderful week with lots of time spent in the sunshine. It has been so warm at times that we have haven't had to have our coats on! Spring is well and truly on it's way!

We have been trying extra hard to put our shoes and coats on, taking them off and remembering where on earth we have put them! The bushes make very good hiding places!

We have been talking about healthy eating and exercise and we played a fun game with Mrs Hilton as we tried to guess what things are good for us and what things are not. The older children decided that most things are good for us now and then so we made healthy cakes! We measured, weighed, mixed and scooped. It is also important to take part in light exercise with friends so we helped Mrs Hilton do some yoga in the car park!

We have spent time looking for footprints in the playdough and then in the mud. We spotted dog and horse prints. Then we spotted Gargamel's footprints! I wonder what he was up to in the woods? We have splashed through puddles and looked in ditches. We are beginning to remember to test how deep the water is before we jump in. We also need to watch that we don't leave our wellies behind in the mud. All of this exercise strengthens our muscles and

builds up our stamina.

We have been practising holding our pencils and forming letters. We have been doing lots of number work as well. We have been singing and reading stories.

At the end of the week we made drop scones on the fire with hot chocolate!

By a majority vote, we went up the mountain again this week where we climbed up the slopes and

rolled down them! We looked in holes and wondered who might live in them. We looked for poo clues. We collected sheep's wool that we found on

bushes. We wondered if the sheep might have scratched their itchy backs on the bushes. We also found some "White mud" which actually turned out to be chalk! As if getting stuck in real mud wasn't enough of a problem, Miss Edwards had us playing a game called Stuck in the Mud in the car park to end the week.

Don't forget, Thursday children, that we have a wonderful outing arranged to St Martin's Church in Westmeston for an Easter story and an Easter Egg Hunt. Children attending on other days are welcome to come too but must be accompanied by a parent or carer.

We look forward to seeing you next week!

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