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Week commencing 5th March 2018 - Lindfield.

We have had an amazing week. It has been super busy.

On Monday some of the children went out for a wonderful walk. They went to the nature reserve to check for tadpoles. They were interested to see a new sign that had been put up to ask dog owners not to allow their pets to play in the wet meadow to help protect the frogs.

On the walk they spotted lots of birds’ nests. We spent some time last week looking at birds’ nests and the children were interested to spot them out in their natural environment.

We spoke about how different birds make different nests. We know that the birds use twigs and they weave them together to make a strong nest. Last week we tried to make our own nests.


All week we have been busy making surprises for Mother’s day which is on Sunday.

We made pretty cards with tulips on them with Miss Cheyne and we also made lovely bracelets with Miss Reay. It was so tricky to thread the pasta onto the string but we concentrated and tried very hard.

On Tuesday some of the children had a pottery session with Jane. They made Gruffalos. They used their hands to mould the clay and worked from a picture that Jane had printed out, following a design. We are excited to see them when they come back from being fired in the kiln.

It was such a beautiful day that we spent all afternoon in the garden. It was very sunny.

We searched for Gruffaloes, mini beasts and signs of spring.

On Wednesday we made an amazing gingerbread house with Mrs Davies.

We worked together as a team – some children mixed the ingredients, some rolled out the dough, some cut out the shapes from the patterns and others built and decorated the house with sweet treats. We all got to have a piece for our afternoon snack. It was YUMMY!

The letter of the week is ‘Hh’

“H is for house.”

Miss Edwards was busy in the lounge making a HUGE train track with the children – it was super cool. It had tunnels and bridges and it travelled all the way around the room.

Jake had brought in a story book to share which was all about Thomas the Tank Engine - he was very kind and shared the stickers from his book.

We played in the garden and enjoyed the sunshine. We talked about how last week it was snowy and this week it is sunny.

On Thursday we did some drawing, practised writing our names, played with the picnic set and cars. We went out into the garden and had fun on the pirate ship and in the mud kitchen.

On Friday we had lots of crafts available.

Some children finished off their Mother’s Day cards and gifts, while others did some sticky collage pictures.

We are learning which order the letters in our name are written. We really enjoyed this game !

We built amazing towers with the Duplo blocks and spent more time outside in the garden. It has been a very busy week!

Have a lovely weekend and a very happy Mother’s Day.

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