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Week commencing 19th February 2018 - Lindfield.

We hope everyone had a wonderful break over the half term holiday. The children have returned full of energy and have enjoyed sharing stories of the wonderful things they did during their time off.

On Monday a group of children went for a walk, they wrapped up warm in coats, hats and wet weathers and headed out. They went into the village and bought some duck food. They counted out some coins to pay at the counter and then walked down to feed the ducks on their way to the park. The ducks were hungry - they swam over to the children and gobbled up all of the food. We looked closely at the beautiful colours on their feathers.

We spent some time talking about the Queen and the children have learned lots of facts about her. As we are focusing on technology this week we asked the children to do some homework … to ask mummy and daddy to help them find out online if the queen has a pet.

“My mummy has got Google.”

“I got the interpole on my computer.”

“We have got Alexa who knows the answers about the queen and everything.”

On Tuesday we had a pottery session with Jane. The children used their hands to warm the cold clay. They decided to make caterpillars, so rolled out the clay into a long sausage shape, before adding lots of details and painting them carefully.

We used lots of electronic toys. The children understand that some toys need batteries to make them work. “The batteries runded out on this one Miss Cheyne.”

Some of the children came in and told us about the Queen, they had gone home and looked at pictures of her online and managed to find out what pets she has. Well done everybody!

Jessica brought a book in to share with her friends called ‘The Queens Hat.’

An electrician came to do some work at the Acorns and the children were so excited to watch him climbing up his ladder to look at the lights.

“Man, what are you doing?”

“Why do you need a ladder – can’t you just go on your tippy toes?”

“What is electricity?”

We thought about all of the things we use in The Acorns and at home that are powered by electricity.

“My telly has electricity – it has got a plug.”

“Mummy puts the iPad on to get charged up.”

On Wednesday we spent lots of time outside in the garden. It was a beautiful sunny day and we enjoyed time on the pirate ship and in the mud kitchen. We played on ride on toys and bikes and practised our balancing on the low wall.

On Thursday we made some wonderful caterpillar and butterfly pictures. We read a story about caterpillars and we know that they turn into beautiful butterflies with pretty wings.

We practised our name writing and drew some beautiful pictures.

We played with battery operated toys and with toys that have remote controls. We had lots of fun!

On Friday we turned the lounge into a cafe and had a great time with the cooker and picnic set.

We made meals and snacks for each other.

We played with play dough and built models with blocks and magnets.

We have had a lovely week.

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