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Week commencing 5th February 2018 - Lindfield.

It’s been another busy week at The Acorns.

We were so excited on Monday to watch the snow falling in the garden. We hoped there would be enough snow that we could build a snowman and were a little bit disappointed when it stopped. We hope it might snow again.

It was super chilly so the children who went out for a walk needed to wear lots of warm clothes. They did some jogging to help keep them warm.

On their walk they looked at the catkins and noticed that something had changed. There were tiny red flowers growing.

Mrs Booth told the children that the long part of the catkin opens up to release pollen which makes the tiny flower grow. In time, the flower will turn into a nut.

The children noticed that the catkins were different lengths on each tree they looked at.

They used some great mathematical language to note the differences.

“This one is much longer and taller.” “It’s short, maybe it will grow bigger.”

Catkins got their name because they resemble a kitten’s tail.

The group that stayed at the Acorns played in the garden and enjoyed the pirate ship, mud kitchen and ride on toys.

We have been looking at shapes, space and measure this week and we made some great shape prints.

We are learning some new shapes such as semi-circle and hexagon. Can you help us at home?

Felix the bear has been at Henry’s house. He had the most wonderful time and Henry took great care of him. Felix was excited to meet his sister Sophie and Snoopy the Shetland pony. He has gone to visit Thea and Lochie’s house now.

On Tuesday we did lots of measuring, we used measuring tapes, rulers, and tape measures.

We threaded beads onto a string to make necklaces and compared how long our necklaces were.

The letter of the week is ‘Ee’

Can you think of anything that begins with that letter? Elephant, Egg, Ear, Elodie, Edith, Edward, Easter.

We played shops and used a set of scales to weigh the shopping.

We are learning to recognise the numbers on the scales and learning that the scales tell us how heavy things are, not how old they are or how much they cost.

“It’s on the number 6, that means its 6 heavy.”

“If it says 6 then you have to give me 6 pounds.”

“It says 4. I am 4.”

On Wednesday we baked biscuits with Mrs Davies. We read the recipe together and used the scales to weigh out the ingredients. The dough had to go into the fridge to chill for twenty minutes. We used the clock to measure the time.

We rolled out the dough and used shape cutters. We chose our favourite shape and made a cookie to take home.

Miss Edwards helped us to make this …

Captain Coconut. He watched over us as we were eating lunch.

On Friday we made a very special card with Miss Reay.

It’s going to be Mrs Irwin’s birthday on the first day back after the half term break.

Shhhh …. Don’t tell her !! We spent a long time making it and worked really hard. It looks amazing. We think she will be very excited.

We wonder if she will have a birthday cake?

We enjoyed playing with electronic toys and doing lots of puzzles.

Have a wonderful half term break everyone.

We look forward to hearing about all of your adventures.

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