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Week commencing 29th January 2018 - Lindfield.

Welcome to this week’s blog.

Our planning this week has centred around literacy and reading. The children have brought in some wonderful books to share. Our favourites have been Supertato, Peter Rabbit, The Romanian Builder, Miffy and Thomas the Tank Engine books.

What are your favourite stories at home?

Whilst in the garden we have been looking at the letters and signs. We have lots of letters hidden in the garden and it was fun to search for them.

The children looked for the letters in their names.

We noticed a blanket of snow drops growing near to the apple tree. They are a sure sign that spring is arriving.

The letter of the week is ‘Dd’

Can you think of anything that begins with that letter?

Mrs Irwin also bought us some daffodils, which are another spring flower. They look really pretty on the table and we have enjoyed looking at them and trying to draw them.

We also painted some daffodils with Miss Reay, noticing that the stem is long, thin and green and the petals are a beautiful bright yellow colour.

We had fun trying to make letters out of the play dough, rolling it into a sausage and then bending it into shape. We also used letter cutters.

The play dough was freshly made and still warm when we first started using it. It felt really nice against our cold hands when we arrived.

If you would like our play dough recipe, just ask Miss Cheyne.

We have been solving maths puzzles this week with Mrs Davies, we used an abacus to help us count. We are getting very good at counting and we practise every day at The Acorns.

On Wednesday, during the child-minding time Miss Cheyne took the children outside to search for the Super moon.

They wrapped up warm in coats & hats and went in search with torches to help light their way. Sadly – We couldn't find it but the children went home excited to continue their search.

“I will look for it from my window.”

“Maybe I will see it in the car with Grandad.”

We made some wonderful shape pictures on Thursday.

Miss Edwards is very funny and makes us all laugh lots. We are so pleased to have her join us from Westmeston this term. Miss Edwards is an amazing artist and she has been drawing us some wonderful pictures.

Felix the travelling bear had a wonderful time with Freya and Vida. He went on so many adventures - he visited the cinema, a ballet class and even bumped into Miss Nagy and her baby.

This weekend is he has gone home with Henry. Have a wonderful time Felix!

We have spent lots of time in the garden this week. We made a den under the pirate ship, practised our balancing skills and searched for bugs. Please remember to pack hats and gloves for us to wear and a nice warm coat to keep us warm.

Please remember to return your child’s new term profile so it can be stuck into their books.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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