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Week Commencing 8th January 2018 - Westmeston

We have had another very exciting week at Westmeston with no let up on the mud! It's a good job that we are so good at putting our wet weather clothes on! We have been playing with water (and mud) outside, filling and emptying containers. We have been sharing, chatting and compromising as well as learning about volume and quantities and having lots of fun.

We tried to make butter with an interesting piece of equipment that Mrs Irwin had and we noticed how turning the handle turned the cogs which in turn made the paddle go round. It didn't quite work so we will try again next week. It is good for us to experiment and reach goals by trial and error!

Our traditional story this week was The Little Red Hen and we all talked about how we needed to help each other and not take things or people for

granted. We made sharing pies with Miss Vincent which involved all of us all helping to wash, peel, cut, slice and grate the


that then went onto a pastry base. When it was cooked we shared it out. It was really yummy!

We were very creative with paint and shared the paper. We used brushes and sponges to mix the colours. It was interesting to just squeeze the paint on to the paper and then mix it. We used a lot of paint, I think our paintings are still drying!

We went off to the woods for a beautiful sunny walk and saw catkins and daffodils! A sure sign that spring is on it's way. The sun felt warm on our faces and shone in our eyes.

Mrs Hilton took some of us back in time to have some fun with the dinosaurs. She turned into a mummy pterodactyl and fed us worms - yum yum!

Our walk up the mountain on Friday was a little damp but amazing none the less. We used telescopes and binoculars to try and see Westmeston. I think that we need a little more practise with these though! It was so muddy that some of us had to hang on to each other to try and stay upright on the paths. There was a lot of rabbit and sheep poo.

We made salt dough to play with and then we made another dough with sugar to wrap around hazel sticks to cook on the fire. We all had a go at trying to make a spark to light the fire. We sang our special song that we made up. It felt very special sitting there with our friends.

Conker Sheep is back from Luca's house and he is currently having a little rest in the attic before his next adventure! See you next week!

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