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Week commencing 30th October 2017 - Lindfield.

Welcome to this week blog.

We have been super busy this week and have enjoyed Halloween and Bonfire celebrations.

At the beginning of the week the children were arriving in all sorts of wonderful costumes. We had witches and wizards and even a very hairy scary werewolf.

We enjoyed dressing up and the children teamed up to play tricks on the teachers. They pretended to all be asleep and then jumped up to frighten us.


We carved a pumpkin. We were amazed at how many seeds were inside.

“It’s slimy.”

“I think there will be one million seeds inside.”

“Can we plant a seed?”

The children told us about the pumpkins they have at home, it sounds like we have some very talented parents. Perhaps next year we will hold a pumpkin carving competition!

We had a huge pot of seeds from last year’s pumpkins that we had dried out and we made pumpkin pictures with them. We had to use lots of sticky glue.

We made some Halloween fairy cakes, carefully weighing and measuring the ingredients with the scales.

We all took turns to stir the mixture and then spooned it into little Halloween cases.

When the cakes were cooled, we decorated them with icing and special cake toppers.

Whilst in the garden we had been riding around on bikes, trikes and broomsticks!

We searched for mini beasts, played with bats and balls, made pies in the mud kitchen and sailed to far away lands on the pirate ship.

We have been outside every day and have been enjoying the sunshine.

The children are noticing the changes to the garden that the new season has brought.

“All the leaves are falling off.”

“Winter is after Autumn.”

Our play dough this week is pumpkin orange and we have been using Halloween cutters and shapes. We are very good at rolling out the dough with the rolling pins.

We are excited about going to see fireworks over the weekend and then children have made some amazing pictures. We splatter painted fireworks in the sky and we made bonfire pictures with tissue paper and glue.

We made some sparklers with strips of silver foil. The make a lovely sound when we shake them. We know that the fireworks will be loud but we are excited to see them light up the sky. We have been talking a lot about fire safety too.

“Fireworks are dangerous.”

“I’m only allowed to have a sparkler when I’m 7. My mummy did say that.”

“You have to wear ear muffs because it’s very bangy.”

We hope you all have a fabulous weekend and we look forward to hearing about your adventures next week.

Enjoy the fireworks!

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