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Week Beginning 9th October 2017 - Westmeston

What a fabulously busy week we have had. The leaves are swirling all around us and making lovely crunchy piles on the ground for us to dig in and throw.

This week we learned how to make a spark and catch it to make a fire. We heated up milk to make

a hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows on sticks. We then put the fire out with water and made steam. We then went off to the mud kitchen to make more food. Later on in the week we made cheesy wraps.

On Tuesday, it was bit of a dull day. We made a dark den in the corner of the hall. We used torches and the lightbox to play games. We played games that our friends had brought in and did some really good listening and turn taking.

We made bit of a mess in the hall on Wednesday. We spread salt over the light box that we made

last week to do a bit of mark making. Of course it went all over the floor but at least that meant that all of us could join in!

Some of us enjoyed whisking up water and washing up liquid to see what happened. We made lots of bubbles and tried to make different shapes with play dough cutters but we discovered that they all ended up being round!

We have been doing junk modelling, we've made Batman costumes and garages! Thank you for all the boxes that you have brought in for us to use. We have been gluing, sticking with tape and painting.

We had a treasure hunt in a pile of shredded paper. We all enjoyed searching for bones and insects. It was lovely to just throw it around and bury each other. It was a bit like leaves!

On Friday we made Rice Crispy flapjacks with Miss Vincent then we were outside nearly all day.

We made our snack on the fire and then went for a lovely walk. It was very windy. We could tell which direction the wind was going by watching the smoke. We also enjoyed blowing more bubbles. We noticed that the wind seemed to be going in different directions at times. Some of the bubbles went a long way, almost to where the sheep were grazing in the field.

We notice the tiniest things outside. Lochy saw woodlice in holes in the trees and correctly identified a candlestick fungus! Impressive! We saw lots of sleepy slugs near the toadstools. They didn’t look very well and we wondered whether they might have had belly ache from eating the toadstools because we know that we can’t eat them!

Conker Sheep has had a lovely sleepover at Isabella's house and is now off on another adventure with Jemima. Have fun Conker Sheep!

Finally we would like to say how much we will miss Miss Nagy now that she has left to have her baby. Please come back and visit us so that we may have a cuddle!

See you next week!

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