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Week Commencing 12th June 2017 - Westmeston

An Owl

We have had a beautiful week of sunshine. With this week’s focus on EAD – Using Media and Material we have been using clay, painting, drawing and taking lots of photos.

With Father's Day coming up on Sunday we talked about why our Daddies are special. It was so lovely when John said “I love my Daddy because we chat.” Some of us couldn't think of one special thing because our Daddies are special in so many ways.

Our story of the week was Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson.

With help from a magic spell we took turns at sitting on various brooms with and without animals. We wondered where we might go if we went travelling on a broom and Miss Vincent helped us to make passports which would help us to visit other countries.


We had to water our garden with the water left over from the water play. The carrots haven’t grown very much but the potatoes and the raspberries have grown enormously. Fabian’s show and tell on Friday was very impressive. Yummy home grown broad beans, peas, garlic and an onion from his allotment. We all tasted the lovely fresh peas that Fabian was happy to share.

We have been reading outside. We have also been painting. In fact we have done just about

everything outside this week!

We made clay faces and animals which we stuck to the trees. We really enjoyed this and we concentrated very hard. Over the next few weeks we will see how they change depending on what the weather is like.

We have been playing with some very colourful finger gym tweezers and sorting letters. Miss Edwards’ let us play with a very interesting lightning ball with light that moved around when we touched it. We made the most of the sunshine by experimenting with some special sun paper. We arranged

things that we found in the grounds on the paper and left if for a

short while in the sun to see what would happen. It made a shadowy print. We then had to ‘set’ it in water and dry it. It was very interesting.

We are starting to have special sessions at our new schools and it is lovely to hear how excited everyone is when they are talking about their visits. We have also had some teachers coming in to visit us. On that note, don't forget that this week is Consultation Week for leavers. Please make an appointment to see our Key Workers.

We finished off the week with a lovely walk up the mountain. We found it was cooler up the top in

The path coming down the mountain.

the breeze. It was lovely walking along the shady footpaths and we saw lots of beautiful wild flowers and butterflies.

We are lucky to have many beautiful trees to give us shade at Westmeston but it is very hot

scooting and cycling on the tarmac so it is most important that we cover up in the hot sunshine and wear sun cream. Thank you very much to the Mummies and Daddies that supplied long sleeved tops and trousers for us to wear on walks. It means that we don’t get prickled quite so much. They also protect us if we fall off of our scooters.

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