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Week Commencing 5th June 2017 - Westmeston

Welcome back everybody! It's great to see you all after the break. Our focus this week has been on Literacy - Reading and we have brought in our favourite books to read. We have had books about all sorts of things like bodies and trucks. Our traditional story this week was Room on the Broom which we all love and some of us know it off by heart.

We have had all sorts of weather this week. The wind has blown all sorts of things out of the trees. We have seen plenty of leaves and branches which allow us to see things that we don’t usually see and lots of teeny tiny conkers. On Tuesday, after lots of rain and wind we were drenched in

sunshine. We were able to play outside in the sand, making castles and yummy dinners. We have been scooting and riding bikes really fast and of course playing with the many sticks that are now on the ground.

We have been practising our number recognition with pegs and number lines. We did get very distracted at one point though as we noticed ladybird larvae crawling over us. They were so tiny. Luckily we were able to look at some life cycle models of ladybirds to help us identify them. We learned that they liked to eat aphids and we watched as one aphid actually got eaten.

We had lots of fun roleplaying holidays and we packed bags, applied sun cream and played on inflatables.

We have been practising for sports day by lining up and running very fast when the teachers say “Go!”

On Wednesday we went for a lovely walk along Middleton Manor Drive. We didn’t get to go to the woods because we spent so long exploring among the trees and leaves. We had sticky spotter cards to collect things on. We found things like yellow buttercups, pink horse chestnut flowers fallen from the trees, brown bark and small green baby conkers. We had to find something that was red, Isabella suggested ladybirds but we decided that we probably shouldn’t stick them onto our cards! We had a very energetic game of tug of war that everyone joined in with and we played with the rope for ages afterwards. It didn’t matter who won because we just enjoyed pulling each other over!

On Thursday we were very lucky to have Mrs Irwin coaching us with tennis at Plumpton Tennis

Club. We had a lovely time. We had some lovely new equipment to play with which came in a fabulous big box which we enjoyed playing with too! We practised rolling balls

to each other and balancing balls on a racquet. We were very good at listening to instructions and playing with the lovely new equipment. After a picnic lunch that tried to blow away in the wind we visited Honeybees Nursery School which was a short walk across a playing field. We played with

the children in their playground. Such a busy day! The ladies at Honeybees said that the Acorns children were very well behaved! When we talked about our visit later on, Tom said that the best part of the day was “Making new friends." Well said Tom, I think that we all made new friends that day.

On Friday we did marble painting and played some games with Miss Edwards. As it was still quite windy we thought that we had better not go up the mountain in case we got blown off so we had a lovely walk to the woods via some very muddy puddles. Some of us tried to make a den and some of us tried to break it up! We had to use all of our reasoning skills to try and get what we wanted!

We hope that you have a lovely weekend. We'll see you next week!

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