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Week commencing 16th January 2023 - Lindfield 59 Blog.

This week the children have been busy learning about the Lunar New Year.

This year is the year of the rabbit. We know that each year has a different animal.

We had fun hopping around and pretending to be bunnies.

Perhaps the children will sing you our Lunar New Year song?

Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year

Let’s have fun

Let’s have fun

Time for friends and family

Time for friends and family



Mrs Irwin has a very special costume which we take out each year, it is a Chinese Dragon costume and the children were delighted to take turns in wearing it.

We danced to traditional music and enjoyed eating yummy Chinese food this week. The noodles and prawn crackers went down a treat - we will definitely have them again.

We went on a lovely walk to the duck pond. Joseph had kindly brought some duck food in which we all threw over for them to feast on. We were so surprised to find the pond had frozen over and the ducks were skating around on the ice. We sat on the bench near the pond and enjoyed our snack before heading back for lunch. We wondered how thick the ice was but after a few minutes of being there we heard a loud crack and the ducks all swam off, the ice had broken beneath them.

When we go out for a walk we all hold onto a rope - it helps to keep us safe. The children call it the magic rope.

It is really important that the children bring wellies and wet weathers to The Acorns as well as hats and gloves as we want them to be comfortable and warm when we venture out.

We have also spent lots of time in the garden this week - it's been very frosty and we found lots of ice. We had fun smashing the ice and watching it melt in the midday sun.

In the garden we had fun on the pirate ship, balancing on the wall and in the mud kitchen.

There wasn’t much mud … it had all frozen over !

We are becoming much more independent now and can do many things for ourselves.

At snack time, we can spread our own toast and pour our milk or water from a jug to drink from an open cup.

The children bring water bottles each day and are very used to drinking from straw type bottles – It is a good idea to encourage some open cup drinking throughout the day.

Do you encourage your children to do tasks like this at home?

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our week.

Next week we will be learning about Scotland, It is Burns night on Wednesday!

Mrs Franks is excited to teach the children some Scottish songs from her home country.


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