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Week beginning 10th June - Westmeston

This week we have been thinking about people who help us in our community. We had great fun dressing up and talking about the different roles these people have.

We even had a fire engine in the hall which really sparked our imagination.

We've been busy making cards for our wonderful Daddies. We used a carved potato to make a paint print. We then decorated our cards with colours, stickers and our best writing. We hope you like them and that all the Daddies have a lovely Father's Day.

On Thursday, we practised our bike and scooter skills by weaving in and out of some cones. We got better and better at zigzagging and we even moved the cones closer to make the course harder.

With all the rain this week, we were pleased to see some puddles on our walks. As always we enjoyed splashing and running through them. We were also excited to see a tractor in action. A farmer was cutting down one of the older trees and chopping the wood into blocks. He used his tractor to transport the blocks back to his house.

On Friday we used cookie cutters to make lovely shapes in slices of watermelon. It was very juicy! The watermelon shapes made a delicious treat after lunch.

Our artist, Max, worked with the older children to design their own Father's Day cards. They had some wonderful ideas and produced lovely artwork.

On our walk up the mountain we were amazed at how much the plants had grown on either side of the footpath. We had to be really careful not to get stung by the nettles - some of them were taller than us!

We found all sorts of interesting things - signs, snail shells and sheep. We are always keen to find 'tree spirits' - sticks that look like people that we can then decorate with leaves and flowers.

After lunch, we had a go at making leaf crowns. We collected leaves from around the garden that had fallen from the trees. We were surprised at how many different shapes and colours we found. We then stuck the leaves onto headbands to make impressive headdresses.

What a wonderful week - despite the rain!

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