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Week beginning 20th May - Westmeston

Maths has been a focus for us this week at Westmeston, specifically size and shape.

We looked at different shaped blocks and tried to match them with their outlines. An even bigger challenge was to put shapes together to match a larger outline. We did lots of talking about the different shapes we could see.

We also had fun lining ourselves up in size order. Do you think we got it right?

Playing dominoes helped us to practise matching numbers to amounts of objects.

Outside we used sticks to make different shapes...

..and we found sticks of all shapes and sizes on our walk. The stick below led to a lovely discussion about alternative words for large - we came up with lots!

The sun was shining for us all week and so we made the most of being outside. We visited the woods and enjoyed playing in the shade of the trees.

We always amaze the teachers with the imaginative games we come up with on our own. In the woods on Friday, lots of children pretended that the sheep were dinosaurs! And the children below were busy building a tractor in the trees.

We are always careful to look at the beautiful nature around us. One of us spotted this beautiful spider's web shining in the sunlight. Can you see it?

On Friday, we were lucky to be joined by Miss Scovell from Lindfield. She helped us to collect items on our walk that we thought might make good boats. We used old milk bottle tops and the natural items we found. It was tricky to get the boats to float, but we had fun splashing in the water. It was a good job it was such a warm day!

We hope you have a wonderful half term holiday and we will see you in a week for our final half term of the year!

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