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Week Beginning 28th January 2019 - Westmeston

We have had yet another fabulously fun week here at


In our role play corner we had a hairdressing salon. We enjoyed gently styling each other's hair and being imaginative with the accessories. We gave the grown-ups makeovers too. We transformed Mrs Tubb. She enjoyed the experience very much!

At the beginning of the week a nice man called Gerald popped by to point out a flock of field fares and red wings in the field behind us. He showed us pictures of these birds in a book. He told us that they came to spend the winter us. They look a little like thrushes.

We saw a green woodpecker and many other birds too.

From Wednesday onwards we had snow! It was wonderful. We still rode our bikes and we painted with watery paint using squeezy bottles. We tried to build an igloo with Miss Vincent and a plastic tub. We had snowball fights.

We were mindful of that fact that not all of our friends wanted to have icy snow thrown at them. Some of us needed reminding!

We built snowmen.

We made sure that we were warmly dressed. We discovered that woollen gloves get wet and heavy very quickly and that it is good to have spares. We also found out that even with trousers tucked over wellies we still got wet so that many spare socks, trousers and leggings were needed by Friday!

Luckily many of us did have spare clothes. We thought that it might be helpful too if initials were written into the tags as some of us couldn't remember what actually belonged to us!

The snow gave us a good opportunity to follow animal tracks. We followed rabbit prints in and out of the bushes and saw areas of grass where they had been looking for food. There were many bird prints too.

It was magical up the mountain on Friday. We had lots of fun climbing and sliding. We made huge snowballs and discovered that some of them were very heavy!

In the warm, later on, we sang and danced!

We had the sound system out

all day and had lots of fun using the microphone to sing and give out instructions.

Well, that's about it for now. We look forward to seeing you all next week!

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