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Week commencing 10th September 2018 - Lindfield.

What a busy week!

This week we have been singing lots of nursery rhymes.

On Monday we made finger mice after singing Hickory Dickory Dock.

Mrs Booth helped us to make some Lemon Curd. We had to crack eggs, measure sugar and grate lemons. It was so yummy – we enjoyed eating it at snack time.

On Tuesday we made clocks with moving hands. We looked carefully at the numbers and set our clocks to 1 o’clock. Just like in the rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock.

We also made a big clock to display in the kitchen and the children enjoyed moving the hands.

“Does it say lunch time?”

"What time is snack time?"

"I go to bed at half past seven."

On Wednesday we made lots of hand prints, we used lovely Autumn colours.

Green, Brown and Orange. The children talked about the colours and we looked at the trees in the garden and the leaves that have already fallen. We are noticing the changes that the season is bringing.

Dalia brought us in a cucumber that grew in her Grandma's garden.

The children helped to cut it up using a very sharp knife. They had to be very careful and needed to concentrate. We spoke about the handle and blade of the knife and we know never to touch the blade.

"The shiny bit is sharp."

"My mummy lets me cut things at my home."

They ate it at snack time with some bread-sticks and other vegetables. It was so tasty!!

Some of the children made cucumber glasses and we talked about how cucumbers are sometimes used to soothe tired eyes.

Thursday – We enjoyed playing parachute games in the garden. We found out that the parachute also makes a good tent when it is hanging over the climbing frame.

We are also busy putting some finishing touches to our scarecrow.

On Friday we did more hand prints - watch this space to see what we are using them for.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and look forward to more fun next week.

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