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Week commencing 22nd January 2018

We started the week with a lovely walk to Scrase Valley Nature Reserve.

The children wrapped up warm in coats, gloves, scarves & welly boots and headed off.

They held onto the magic rope as they walked through the village.

The children searched for catkins growing on the Hazel trees and they picked some fallen ones from the ground to take home.

They went to check the water levels at the reserve to make sure there would be enough water for the frogs to visit. Last year when they went to see the little tadpoles they found that the water had all dried up. The tadpoles didn’t survive and everyone felt quite sad but it looks like we have had enough rain over the winter this year so we are excited to keep coming back and searching for signs of new life during the spring.

They met some workers from the Environment Agency who were cutting down some Alder to clear a stream. They were wearing very bright tops to help keep them safe.

On Tuesday the older children had a pottery session with Jane. They made dragons, just like the younger child did last week.

Look how amazing they are!

We are excited to see them when they come back after being fired in the kiln.

We have spent lots of time in the garden this week, enjoying the pirate ship and ride on toys.

The mud kitchen has been a hive of activity; we have dined on feasts of mud cakes, mud soups and mud pizza. Yummy !

We have done lots of building and constructing this week. Look at some of our amazing structures.

We had fun dressing up and we pretended to be Doctors and Nurses, Firemen and Police Officers. All people who can help us in an emergency.

Felix the travelling teddy bear had a lovely time at Freddy’s house. He baked cakes, dressed as a superhero, had a yummy dinner and got dressed up in a little coat and welly boots so he would keep warm. Thank you for taking such good care of him. He had a great time and hopes to visit again one day.

He has now gone to stay with Freya and Vida – I wonder what he will get up to there?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

See you all next week.

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