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Week Commencing 10th July 2017 - Westmeston

Well, here we are. The last week of the Summer Term. We have been very busy!

We have been painting and playing games. We have been scooting, riding our bikes, climbing in the trees and finishing our passports off.

It rained quite a lot in the middle of the week which made our favourite thing - mud! It was almost too hot for wet weathers and we still got wet even when we did wear them. We went for a very wet walk on Wednesday and thoroughly enjoyed splashing in the puddles or jumping over them.

During the week we helped to saw some wood cookies to decorate. Lots of sawdust flew off as we sawed. Some split in half so we tried to glue them together with glitter glue. They looked very pretty even if they fell apart again!

We had lots of fun on Space Mountain. We tested our problem solving skills and critical thinking as we turned bamboo screening into a bridge and then a slide on which we sledged down on using the shelves from the mud kitchen. It was very hard to stay upright! We also made some yummy mud lollipops.

We had a lovely day on Friday when the Friday children from Lindfield joined us in the morning. In the afternoon we had the Leaver's Party. We had a lovely party tea then played games with a huge parachute, rounding off the afternoon with some exercises and dancing with a very energetic Miss Ninja Edwards.

We were proud to say goodbye to our friends as some of us are going to big school in September. Lots of hugs and cuddles all round. Have a lovely summer everybody. We'll be back in September!

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