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Week commencing 26th June 2017 - Lindfield.

This week we focused on Physical Development.

On Monday morning some children went out for a lovely long walk, they went through the village to the park where they had great fun practising for sports day. They joined in with running races and relay races.

The children spoke about the importance of physical activity and exercise and also the importance of rest. They found a nice shady spot to relax after all the excitement of the races.

The children who stayed at The Acorns enjoyed time in the garden, playing and exploring in the sand tray and on the pirate ship.

On Tuesday the children spent time in the garden exploring different ways of moving. They ran, crawled, hopped and jumped around.

They had lots of fun on the climbing frame.

“Look at me, I’m so high. I can get down by myself.”

“I’m swinging like a monkey. Ooooh Ooooh.”

“I’m a bat upside down.”

Some of the children found an empty snails shell. When we asked why they thought it might be empty they said ...

“It’s broken. The snail has got too big and it’s gone to find a new shell.”

Wednesday was finger gym day – we set up lots of activities using pegs and tweezers to help strengthen the finger muscles. The children enjoyed using the tweezers to pick up small pom poms and moving them from one space to another.

We got creative making sparkly fish and have made a beautiful display with them on the door. Pop in and have a look – the children worked really hard on them.

On Thursday we were busy making more fish for the door display and playing in the garden. Miss Reay set up an obstacle course for us on the grass. We had to walk across a step and then balance on the wobble board before jumping from hoop to hoop.

The children were like bouncy frogs, leaping around the garden!

Theo told me “I can jump as high as an eagle flies up in the sky.”

We explored musical instruments and the children made a band.

James found a toy that wasn't working because the batteries were flat so he used a screwdriver to open up the battery compartment to replace them – Well done James!

On Friday we played with play dough and made models with magnets. We had fun in the garden and drew some beautiful pictures using pencils and chalks.

Daniel the gardener was working in the garden and we helped him to water the plants and pull out the weeds. Our sweet peas are growing and they smell beautiful.

Is your sunflower growing? We would love to hear about how much it has grown. Perhaps you could bring in or email us a photograph.

Felix the bear had a lovely time at Jessica’s house last week and now he has gone home with Edie for another adventure – we look forward to seeing what he has been up to.

Next week our focus will be Communication and Language – Speaking.

Sports Day is on Wednesday – We have been practising our races and are very excited about it. We look forward to seeing you all at Westmeston at 12.30 with your picnics.

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