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Westmeston Gardening Week - 13-6-22

This week has been beautiful sunshine, very well timed for gardening week.

We have talked about what we grow in our gardens at home ...






And about what fun things we do in the garden ...

"I have a tree house"

"I have trampoline"

"I have a tractor"

"I help daddy in the garden, mow the lawn and compost, topsoil"

The children have enjoyed lots of digging, filling plant pots and watering flowers in the garden.

As the weather has been so glorious the water run and toys have been very popular.

Mrs Irwin planned a flower activity and taught the children how to take cuttings from carnation flowers. The children listened beautifully and have all taken some cuttings home to plant in their garden.

Together we discussed what plants needed to grow and all children knew they needed sun, water and soil just like us needing food, water and fresh air.

They planted a carnation cutting for Mrs Spencer. Taking turns to add soil and water then carefully putting the cutting into the soil. Let’s hope it grows into some beautiful carnations.

Nanny Spencer has an allotment and is over run with broad beans. This was a great opportunity for us to discover this versatile vegetable. Together we shelled the beans and spent time investigating the cases and the beans. This helped us to develop our fine motor skills.

“It’s soft to protect the beans”

We counted beans beans and more beans and even managed to share them out between groups of friends. The children tried both raw and cooked broad beans and most liked one or the other.

We sang a lovely song about planting seeds; I wonder who can remember it?

We love creating art at The Acorns and this week we painted and glued tree pictures, taking inspiration from the garden trees. We identified two different types of leaves and discovered they were from the maple tree and The oak tree.

Whilst keeping cool in the heat on Friday, the children made beautiful flower pictures with Mrs Voller and even had time to create extra special masterpieces for some very lucky Daddy’s.

Have a beautiful weekend, enjoy the sun and have a very Happy Father’s Day.


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