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Westmeston - Destination Switzerland

This week has been full of food and fun. The children have enjoyed a few Swiss themed lunches, cheese fondue and chocolate eggs. We even managed to have lunch in the garden a couple of times.

The children painted the Swiss flag which we learnt is the only flag that is square and not rectangle.

We talked about how the Red Cross originated in Switzerland and the children played lots of role play with the doctor’s kit. The teachers have had injections, blood taken, splinters removed, knees, teeth and hearts checked as well as lots of haircutting and a small amount of medicine.

We have made some beautiful pictures of the Edelweiss flower, which is found in the mountains of Switzerland.

We made some Mailaenderli cookies and had fun decorating them with sprinkles. They looked delicious, how did they taste?

Friday was another beautiful day and as promised to the children last week, a new adventure for our walk. The teachers tested the children's stamina and physical ability by walking to the very top of the mountain, maybe not as high as the Alps but steep in some places.

The hike sparked lots of conversation...

"We are going higher and higher"

"We are higher than the birds"

"I can see Asia"

"I can see America and I live in Balcombe"

"I can see Africa"

"I can see a square"

"I can see the road"

"I can see a triangle and a rectangle"

"Maybe we will find a mountain goat"

All exhausted we sat at the top and admired the view, soaking in the sunshine, having a biscuit and some refreshing water.

As always we have loved using the garden and now it has dried up we have managed to relocate our shelter and put up the hammock.

Finishing the week with some happy photos ...

The children put love and care into their Mothers Day cards and enjoyed telling us all the reasons their Mummies are special. We hope you have a great weekend and enjoy a sunny Mothers Day.

See you next week in Kenya - Monday is Safari Day, please come dressed up if you can and wear a hat. If you have any kitchen roll tubes we would love them for an activity.


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