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Week commencing 8th March 2021 - Westmeston

This week our focus has been on communication and language, specifically listening.

We played some fun listening games which help the children to identify letter sounds when they start practising phonics.

We had a lot of creative projects going on this week which required the children to listen carefully to instructions. We made cards for Mothers' Day using coloured tape - we hope all the mums have had a lovely day! .

Friday was a very windy day, so we made kites. The children listened carefully to the instructions and watched how to make a kite. With support from the teachers, everyone made and decorated their own kite to fly in the wind. We worked out that the higher we could get the kites, the better they would fly, so we tied some up in a tree to watch them flutter,

This week we read the book 'Going On a Bear Hunt' and enjoyed acting out the story as we listened to it. We then had a bear hunt of our own to find some bears that were hiding in our garden. Some of the bears were hiding in difficult places to reach, so the children had to work together as a team to get them down.

The children then loved including the bears in their imaginative play in the garden. There were teddy bear picnics, bears in prams, and bears being dogs - what a lot of fun in the spring sunshine!

We had a mixed bag of weather this week, from beautiful sunshine on Tuesday to high winds and some heavy showers on Friday! But, as always at Westmeston, we made the most of plenty of outdoor time, whatever the weather!

For our Friday walk, we had a good run around the local cricket pitch. It was hard work in the wind, but great fun. We saw lots of interesting things along the way, beautiful daffodils, big branches that had fallen down in the wind, a very deep hole in a tree and an old cricket ball.

We hope you've had a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week.


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