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Week commencing 4th December 2023 - BOTH SETTINGS

Week commencing 4th December 2023.

Welcome to our blog post.

This week I am combining the blogs so you can see whats been going on in both settings.

This week we have enjoyed lots of festive activities.

At 25 the children created some group art work.

They printed lots of handprints to make this giant Christmas tree.

Once it was dry they decorated it with sparkles, a beautiful star and painted around the tree to create a snowy background.

They decorated their Christmas tree, carefully choosing tinsel, baubles and decorations to hang up.

In both nurseries the children have been busy crafting.

We have made cards and calendars for our families.

We don’t want to show you too many pictures as we want them to be a lovely surprise for you all.

Mrs Neve has made some very special things with the children using the jars and curtain loops you brought in. Thank you for bringing them in - we will continue this craft next week.

AT 59 & 25 - We made some salt dough decorations.

The children measured out the ingredients into cups and then mixed it together to make a dough.

We used rolling pins and cutters to create little shapes, perfect for hanging on the tree.

After they had baked in the oven we got to paint them – they are adorable!

We have been singing our Christmas songs each day and using the instruments.

We love the tambourines and bells.

Do we sing our Christmas songs at home ?

We have loved reading Christmassy stories each day and at 59 we watched a Christmas E- Story on the laptop.

Here are a few extra photos from our week.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

See you next week.

Mrs Franks and The Acorns Team.


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