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Week commencing 3rd January 2022 - Lindfield.

Welcome Back Everyone!

We hope that you all had a wonderful festive break.

The teachers are fully refreshed, recharged and ready for a wonderful term with the children.

Our theme this term is 'All around the World' and we can't wait to get started.

We have been busy behind the scenes planning activities, menu ideas, crafts and cookery classes, as well as new songs to learn, games from around the world and wonderful stories to share.

Thank you to everyone who has made suggestions - It is much appreciated. Working in partnership with parents is hugely important to us here at The Acorns.

This week has been all about settling in, getting back into our routines and welcoming new children & families to our group.

The children have all settled in extremely well and were super excited to share stories of their festive breaks.

"We had our Christmas pyjamas on."

"I got a car with 1...2... trailers."

"I had chocolate coins for breakfast."

"My Nanny came to stay."

The children, as always, had free choice over what toys and equipment were on offer this week and its been interesting to see how their interests have changed over the break.

We always follow the interests of the children whilst at the same time offering opportunities for learning new things and exploring new avenues of play.

Here is a selection of photos from our week. Enjoy!

We each made a Planet Earth, shining about what earth might look like from another planet.

We used little sponges to paint our planets which are now on display in the nursery.

We enjoyed games and activities indoors.

We connected cogs, used peg boards, built train tracks that stretched around the room and used letter magnets to try to identify the letters in our names.

We had fun in the garden this week - it was chilly outside so we needed to wrap up warm.

We will be exploring The Arctic next week.

If you have any toys, books, games or ideas to share that will support our theme please speak to Mrs Franks.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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