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Week commencing 30th November 2020 - Lindfield.

Welcome to our blog post.

This week our focus has been - Understanding the World - The World.

We have been observing the children as they explore small world play sets this week such as the farm, garage, train set and castle.

It is interesting to see how the children add a narrative to their play, offering cues for others to join them.

They often recall their own past experiences throughout small world play and imitate scenarios that may be familiar to them.

Christmas has officially arrived at The Acorns!

We have been busy making decorations to hang up around the nursery.

We made some very happy snowmen and decorated their hats with holly, berries and jewels!

Each snowman has a carrot nose and we have been learning a song about a snowman that had his nose nibbled by a bunny.

A chubby little snowman had a carrot nose,

Along came a bunny and what do you suppose?

That hungry little bunny looking for his lunch

Ate the snowman’s carrot nose … nibble … nibble … CRUNCH!

Each day we have added a puff of white to our Santa’s beard advent calendar.

We have started to make some little candle holders for Christmas using air dry clay.

The children were given a ball of clay to work with and they followed instructions to make a thumb pot.

Firstly they had to warm the clay in their hands by rolling it around into a ball.

The heat from our hands was enough to soften the clay to make it more malleable.

When the pots were made some children decided to add some decoration using the tip of a pencil to draw onto the clay or to make dents and holes in their pots.

They have been set aside to dry and next week we will paint them ready for your Christmas tables.

Next week we will also be making a postbox for Christmas cards that will be in the cloakroom. If anyone would like a list of names, please speak to Mrs Franks.

Update on our magic bean – WOAH !

It has doubled in size and we have added some supports for it to continue growing safely. The stems have changed colour and are much stronger now. The roots look thicker too.

We wonder if it might reach the ceiling !

It is just amazing to watch it grow.

Each day we check to see if it needs water and we count the leaves.

We have enjoyed lots of time in the garden this week.

It’s getting much colder now so we ask you to bring hats and gloves to keep us warm and wet weathers to keep us dry.

We have loved our music sessions with Miss Matthews and this week we sang a song all about the letter of the week. Can we sing it for you at home?

We have also been practising our Christmas songs. Do you have a favourite?

We used our Big Builders set this week and made some amazing creations.

We spent some time practising our name writing too.

We each have a laminated name card which we can practise on using dry wipe markers or chalk pens.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our week. Please remember to leave us a little comment.

Thank you.


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