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Week commencing 2nd October 2023 - Acorns 59.

Welcome to our blog post.

We hope that the children have enjoyed their week at The Acorns 59.

We have enjoyed talking about our homes and where we live – introducing new words like bungalow, flat and detached, address and community.

The children talked about the different rooms they have within their homes.

“ I have got a lounge and a big bathroom.”

“My house has a light blue door.”

“My house in number 2 and 2.”

“My bedroom has a boat light and it makes rainbows.”


The children enjoyed building their homes with Duplo blocks, magnets and wooden blocks.

“My house has got 100 windows so I need more bricks with yellow."

We enjoyed our annual visit to the very special conker house.

Every year we are invited to visit the conker house garden to collect them from the ground.

We walked there beautifully, holding the magic rope and listening really well to the grown-ups.

We have to cross a road on the way so needed to have really good listening ears to help keep us safe.

We collected so many conkers and found a few surprises too.

We used some of the conkers we found to make some pictures for the library display.

We put some paper into a tray, squirted in some paint and rolled our conkers around.

Our artwork will be on display on Monday for a few weeks – please try to visit the library and let us know what you think of our beautiful pictures.

We also made some spider pictures and pumpkin pictures.

We enjoyed some yummy lunches this week – as usual Mrs Franks had some amazing helpers in the kitchen.

We enjoyed exploring natural treasures both indoors and out this week.

Mrs Irwin has a fabulous selection of pine cones – some larger than our heads!

We have lots of other activities planned with our conker haul – watch this space.

We enjoyed lots of time in the garden this week – the weather has been kind and we have stayed warm and dry.

We noticed the grass was getting a bit long …

Here are a few more pictures from our week.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our week.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

See you next week.

Mrs Franks and The Acorns 59 Team.


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