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Week commencing 2nd October 2023 - Acorns 25

This week our focus has been on learning about our homes and houses.

We had a wonderful time being creative with junk – the children enjoyed using boxes, tubs and tubes to create houses.

They used glue and sticky tape to attach their materials.

The models were amazing and the children were very proud of them.

Throughout the week the children built houses with duplo, blocks and foam bricks.

We introduced new language whilst playing – such as bungalow, flat, detached, concrete.

We also identified and named many shapes and numbers.

“My window is a square.”

“My house has got a number 5.”

"It is a rectangle window."

At carpet time we played a special game.

The teachers had a special bag and it was filled with things from around the home.

Toothbrush, little toilet, sofa, bed, cup, television …

The children picked an item from the bag and had to identify where it was from within the home.

“Toothbrush has to stay in the bathroom.”

“My sofa is big.”

We learnt some new songs about our homes – have the children sang them to you ?

We practiced our scissor skills with a cut and stick sheet – we are getting very good at using scissors.

We also drew pictures of our homes and the people we live with.

We have been busy creating wonderful pictures for the library display

“It looks like leaves.”

“I like orange the best.”

The display will be going up on Monday and we hope you will be able to visit the library to see our lovely artwork.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

See you next week for more fun and learning at The Acorns.


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