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Week commencing 29th March 2021 - Lindfield.

Welcome to this week’s blog post.

Our focus for the week is Mathematics – Numbers.

We observed …

  • Do the children say some counting words randomly?

  • Do they children use mathematical language within their everyday play?

  • Can they group items into sets?

  • How far can they count?

  • Can they match quantity to number?

  • Do they recognise numerals?

  • Can they make comparisons between quantities?

  • Do they represent numbers with fingers, objects or marks on paper?

Within our continuous play provision we provided many opportunities to explore and experiment with numbers.

We had number games and puzzles out each day.

We had blocks to count.

We went fishing for numbered fish.

We did simple sums and even made some maths problems for ourselves to solve.

Look at this amazing photo of Sam!!

We wrote and traced over numerals.

We counted everything in sight!

We sang lots of number songs … Can you think of any to sing at home?

Mrs Irwin has sourced us some tadploes to keep in the Acorns garden, we will be keeping a close check on them over the next few days/weeks and hopefully will see them turn into frogs!

Beth brought in a lovely Easter book to share with her friends. We enjoyed looking at it together.

We have been busy baking Easter treats. We made brownies and chocolate crispy cakes this week for you all to enjoy.

We carefully counted the mini eggs out to decorate the crispy cakes.

The children had to weigh and measure ingredients, looking carefully at the numbers on the recipe and on the scales.

Beth and Abigail came in wearing beautifully decorated Easter bonnets. They also brought cakes in to share with their friends as an Easter treat. Thank you for sharing with us. The cakes were delicious!

Annalise also brought in a cake this week - In Germany there is a tradition to give friends and family a cake baked in the shape of a lamb, it symbolises new life and the beginning of spring. Thank you Annalise for sharing this tradition with us.

We all had a piece of cake after lunch, it was super yummy!

We celebrated Holi – The festival of colour.

We painted each other’s faces and threw powdered paints over each other in the garden. It was so much fun.

The children painted the teachers faces too – they had such fun!

Miss Matthews even walked into Lindfield Village on her lunch break to get a ‘fancy coffee’ wearing her face paints.

Thank you to Giisele and Niya’s mum for letting us know about the festival. It has now been added to our yearly calendar so we can continue to celebrate it each year.

Do you have a family tradition or celebration that you would like to share with us?

The childminding children enjoyed another picnic tea in the sunshine…..

We enjoyed lots of time in the garden this week, the weather has been amazing!

Mrs Voller organised an Easter Egg hunt for us in the garden.

We hope that you all have a wonderful Easter break and we look forward to seeing you back on the week of the 19th April.

We have spaces for our fun adventure days at Westmeston next term – Den building and Woodland walks. If anyone is interested in their child having a day over there next term please speak to Mrs Franks who will talk you through the options. Mrs Irwin can provide a transporting service from Lindfield.

Happy Holi.

Happy Easter.

Happy Acorns Holiday Everyone.


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