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Week commencing 27th February 2023 - Acorns 59

Welcome to our blog post.

We hope you enjoy reading about our week and seeing a little bit of what we get up to during our time at The Acorns.

This week our focus was wildlife … something that fascinates us all.

At the beginning of the week we tried to identify some animal footprints during a painting activity. The children were brilliant at this and as well as the correct answers, we had some really creative answers too.

We enjoyed looking at our box of bugs and minibeasts this week and of course went hunting in the garden for signs of wildlife.

Last week Mrs Irwin had some men fixing her roof and he found a frog in our garden as he was setting up his ladders.

We chatted about where he might have come from and how he ended up in the Acorns garden. We were so excited to watch him as he hopped away into the bushes last week.

We celebrated World Book Day this week and our focus book was The Hungry Caterpillar.

We played games, did giant floor puzzle, painted our own caterpillars, made food in the play kitchen and mud kitchen as well as acted out the story – pretending to be the caterpillar.

Many of the children dressed up to celebrate the day and brought their favourite books in to share. Thank you – We had a wonderful day.

Did you know that if you read one book to your child every day by the time they are 5 years old they would have enjoyed 1825 books.

We read every day with the children at The Acorns and they have access to books at all times.

After lunch each day we have time to read either independently or as part of a group. We also have books available in the garden too.

We have noticed that recently the children have been more interested in factual books - learning about animals, bodies and the world.

We also enjoy having a range of different types of books on our shelf including magazines, cookery books, music books & newspapers.

What is your favourite book ? We would love to know.

We have been busy in the garden, planting and sowing seeds. We are hoping to have a spectacular garden this summer with lots of beautiful plants. Our spring bulbs are all beginning to pop up from the soil and we take nurturing our plants very seriously.

“They need water or they will die”

“We need to put more soil in there cause he was digging it out”

“This one is growing but you cant see the roots because they are under the soil”

We explore kinetic sand this week which was a huge success and had lots of fun with water play and playdough too.

Sensory activities are always a big hit at The Acorns.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our week.

If you would like to see more or less of anything on our blog, please ask.

Also if you would like to change your photo permission preferences at any point speak to Mrs Franks.

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Next week we will be focusing on colours. Please feel free to bring in any games, books or activities you think may help with our learning.

Have a happy weekend everyone!!

Mrs Franks and The Acorns 59 team.


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