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Week commencing 26th June 2023 - Acorns 59

Welcome to our blog post.

We hope you enjoy reading about our week at The Acorns Nursery and Forest School.

Our farm project continues and this week we have enjoyed lots of farm themed activities alongside our usual fun and games.

On Monday we had 2 visitors, Tom and Mia. They used to come to Acorns as little ones and went on to join us during holiday fun for many years.

They came back to do a days work experience.

Tom loves magic and performed some tricks for the children.

He had a magic key that he could make move in his hand, the children watched carefully and all tried to move the magic key on their hands.

Mia loves Art so set up a drawing activity with the children.

Both Mia and Tom can complete rubix cubes – it was amazing to watch and the children were absolutely fascinated, as were the teachers!

Thank you to Tom and Mia for coming to spend the day with us. We hope to see you again soon.

We have been focusing on Mathematics this week so we added lots of activities into our continuous provision which would allow us to gauge the children’s stage of development in this area.

Magnets – The most popular toy at The Acorns by far.

We can guarantee someone will ask for these each and every day.

These little magnetic shapes offer so many opportunities for learning.

We can recognise shapes and sizes, we can build 3D shapes, we can count how many we are using, we can talk about the similarities and differences between shapes. We can make and follow patterns using the coloured shapes, we can learn to use mathematical language.

We enjoyed reading some farm themed books, this week a squash and a squeeze was a firm favourite.

The children are know the story well and had such fun helping Mrs Franks with the repeated refrains.

There was a word that some of the children weren’t familiar with … Curious.

“What does curious mean?”

We love learning new words and finding out what they mean.

It was interesting to see how the children then used the new word in their everyday play throughout the week.

“I am curious to know how it works.”

“I am just feeling a bit curious today.”

We had lots of fun in the garden this week.

We made something rather special ....

We made a frame out of wood.

We used straw to stuff some trousers and an old Acorns jumper.

We found some old wellies and Chloe made a paper plate face.

We made a Scarecrow !!

Isn’t he just fabulous?

We cant decide on a name – please feel free to send in some suggestions.

We have a very special visitor coming next week.

Mrs Franks reached out to Holly at Butterbox Farm and she has kindly offered to come and visit us next Wednesday.

She is going to tell us all about life on the farm and might even bring a tractor too !!

Here are a few other photos from our week.

Mixing up some muddy water to use as paint on the chalkboard.

Drawing, writing and making marks that magically disappear when the sun shines.

Painting with water - we have pebbles laid in the shape of acorns on our steps. The children painted them carefully.

Reading 'Alfies Feet' and then playing this little piggy on our toes.

Finding treasures in the garden

"Hmmm... a yellow flower. Can you name any yellow flowers? "Buttercup, Dandelion, Daffodil."

Another favourite activity - Magnetic writing boards.

One of our children has had a hive built in his garden which we have been talking about for weeks during our carpets times.

He has been keeping us updated with its progress.

"It is painted now."

"The paint dried a different colour."

"The bees have arrived now."

To celebrate the arrival of the bees we made these cute little bumblebees with flappy wings.

We had fun in the garden on the ride on toys.

We had a special delivery of some new toys from Nexus ... These are suer cool. We loved playing with them.

Thank You Mrs Irwin !!

We did some work on the computer.

We spent lots of time exploring our sunny garden!!

As always if you would like to amend your photo permission preferences, please speak to Mrs Franks.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Mrs Franks and the Acorns 59 Team.


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