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Week commencing 24th of January

This week was all about 'moving and handling'. We realised how much of what we do has to do with this! And we found lots of creative ways to practice.

We loved having our tool box out this week to practice drilling, making holes and sawing cardboard boxes! We also had lots of other tactile toys out to practice how we can use our hands to make things balance.

It was very cold at the start of the week! We loved hunting around for ice in the garden and seeing how our faces changed when we looked through it.

Miss Matthews got us all up dancing and moving our bodies this week! On Friday we also made our own shakers - We collected treasures we found in the garden which made a rattle noise, filled our shakers and decorated them, and then used them in our music session.

We also practiced throwing beanbags into different sized hoops. It does seem we have some budding basket ball players!

We made some adorable little owls to go with our story of the week, 'The Owl Babies'. Can we tell you anything we learned about the story?

And there was cause for celebration this week as Chloe turned four! Happy birthday Chloe! We loved celebrating with you.

Thats all from us! Keep happy and healthy - see you next week.


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