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Week Commencing - 20th February 2023 - Acorns25

This week we have been learning about kindness.

The children learnt a new song about saying please and thank you, we also reminded ourselves of the signs for please and thank you. We talked about how we can be kind …

“Play with our friends”

“Share our toys”

“Say please”


We took the children on a lovely walk to the park where they could enjoy taking turns on the equipment. A little boy was very kind and held the gate open for us, we made sure to say a big thank you.

Mrs Irwin took us to the flower garden at the doctors surgery. We demonstrated how nicely we could walk whilst holding our teachers hands or the walking rope. We practiced crossing the roads safely, remembering to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN.

When at the garden we had an important job to do … lots of tidying! Over the winter the area had got very messy, so we pulled up weeds, dead plants and planted some new bulbs. This involved lots of digging which meant finding some minibeasts, mostly worms and ants, but the children squealed in excitement and watched them with anticipation.

There was also a great wall to practice our balancing skills. The children waited patiently for their turn and held on carefully to Mrs Voller’s hand as they walked along the wall.

When out walking we managed to find the letter of the week on a sign and some cars. We also identified lots of numbers on peoples doors. We found some branches of difference sizes and managed to organize them from the smallest to biggest.

Some new stepping stones in the garden have been a great addition to our space. The children have used them to balance, climb and jump.

We would like to wish Otto, Amar and Mrs Irwin very Happy Birthdays and thank them for the yummy cakes.

Next week is World Book Day – What’s your favorite story?


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