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Week Commencing 16th October 2023 - Acorns 59

Welcome to this weeks blog post.

We hope you enjoy reading about our week.

This week our focus has been about self-care. We have been observing what the children can do and what they know.

We have spoken about dressing for the seasons, washing and keeping clean, nose-blowing, toothbrushing, the importance of a healthy diet and sleep routines.

We also know that exercise can make us feel good as well as keeping us healthy.

We all know that hand washing is important to keep germs away and the children have been learning our special hand washing song.

I wonder if they will sing it at home for you?

We enjoyed some chill out time after lunch … taking time to relax.

We focused on our breathing .. slowing it down and noticing the effect it has on our body.

The children loved this little pamper session – we made ourselves comfortable and relaxed with cushions and put cucumber slices on our eyes.

We took our shoes off and enjoyed a foot massage – it was bliss.

Here are some quotes from this week.

“I have an Elsa toothbrush with blue on it.”

“We have to get rid of the germs on our hands before we eat.”

“Germs can make your tummy feel sick.”

“You need to call me if you are poorly … I can be Dr Bella.”

“If you eat very sweet things you need to clean your teeth very properly.”

“Exercise makes you fit and healthy. You have to warm up before.”

“I need to chill out.”

We did some very funny painting ... with toothbrushes !!

The children made a bread and butter pudding with Mrs Neve on Thursday – it was super yummy.

The children spread the bread and added sultanas.

Everyone was very excited to try it.

Here are a few extra photos from our week.

Have a wonderful half term everyone.

See you in a week !!


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