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Week commencing 16th October 2023 - Acorns 25.

Welcome to our blog post.

We played a game called 'Happy Teeth & Sad Teeth'

The children managed to sort the foods into groups and talked about the things that could make our teeth feel sad or happy.

They showed an understanding that sugary sweet items are not good for your teeth and that you need to brush your teeth after too much sugar.

We made our own toothbrushes using cardboard and straws.

We got very sticky fingers !!

We cleaned our teeth using real toothbrushes on the laminated sheets.

The children spoke about what their toothbrushes are like at home.

"I have a blue one"

"My toothbrush is stripy and yellow."

"I brush my teeth to wash away the germs."

Have you ever seen such a giant toothbrush - the children loved cleaning this set of teeth.

They counted how many teeth were in the mouth model.

Did you know that children have 20 teeth?

We enjoyed a few cookery sessions with Mrs Neve this week.

We made potato cakes and rice crispy cakes.

The children also enjoyed a few walks.

One to the post office and another to the garden at the surgery.

They had fun splashing in some muddy puddles.

One child experimented with leaves & floating and sinking.

"This leaf is sinking cause it has a hole in it."

We hope you enjoyed our blog.

Happy Half Term !!


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