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Week Commencing 14th June @ Westmeston

This week our focus has been Personal social and emotional development and in particular making relationships. We have been playing outside and observing how the children interact with each other. Do they lead play or play a variety of different roles? Do they choose to play with one child or in larger groups? Are they aware of their own feelings and those of others and are they beginning to negotiate and share?

We played a game at Circle Time that encouraged the children to talk about what makes a good friend.

“I just love everyone, everyone’s my friend”

“They are my friends because they play with me”

“They are my friends because they share with me”

“They are my friends because they make me smile”

The children decorated some friendships hearts and finished the sentence.

We have also been enjoying the story of Little Red Riding Hood. She took some cakes to her Grandma who was poorly, but was surprised by Mr Wolf who was pretending to be her Grandma! We had fun making wolf masks and we all took turns to be the wolf and acted out the story. We followed a rice trail into the woods and found Grandma's cottage hiding in the woodland area. We played 'What's the time Mr Wolf?' too and had lots of fun running away and trying not to get eaten by Mr Wolf.

The children and Mrs Spencer had lots of fun creating our own cottages!

What a lovely friendship hug!

On our Friday walk the sunshine had disappeared and the rain decided to come out to play. This didn’t stop us having fun and armed with wet weathers and welly boots we headed out.

We pretended to be wolves hiding in the bushes and even managed to find a ‘WOLF’ print in the mud.

It wouldn’t be an Acorns Westmeston Friday walk without finding a muddy puddle or climbing trees.

Thank you for remembering wet weathers and wellies, but let's all wish for sunshine next week.

Please remember we would like pet pictures or favourite animals for next week!



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