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Week commencing 14th June 2021 - Lindfield.

Welcome to our blog.

This week our focus was on Personal, Social and Emotional Development - Making Relationships.

We observed ...

*How the children play and link up with other.

*Can they initiate play, offering cues for others?

*Do they demonstrate friendly behaviour?

*Do they show affection and concern for the people who are special to them?

We have also focussed on kindness this week - we talked about having kind hands and using kind words - treating people nicely and being aware of how people may feel when someone is unkind to them.

We have noticed a shift in some childrens behaviour over the last few weeks, play is becoming increasingly boisterous and while we celebrate all types of play we have to ensure the safety of all children in the setting and have been encouraging this type of play outdoors.

We have worked very hard this week to remember our manners too.

We know the Makaton signs for Please and Thank you. If you ask the children, they might show you.

We did a very cool experiment linked to kindness with some apples.

We looked carefully at two apples.

With one apple we spoke kindly to it, gave it compliments and treated it well.

"You are a nice apple."

"You are beautiful."

"I love you apple."

The other apple- we all yelled at, called it names and were generally unkind to it.

Interestingly, the children found being unkind to the apple much easier than giving it compliments.

"You are a horrible apple."

"You aren't my friend Mr apple."

"You are not coming to my party apple."

"You are a stinky bum bum apple."

When we cut open the apples - we saw the apple we were kind to was healthy and the apple we were mean to was bruised, mushy and looked very unhealthy and sad.

When we spoke to the children about what it meant to be kind and their go to answers were about things they shouldn't do.

"We can't kick people."

"We shouldn't shove people."

"We cant hit or punch."

We spoke about ways in which we could be kind and gave them some ideas and examples.

*We could ask a friend to play.

*We could pick up a dropped toy for someone.

*We can share our toys.

*We can save a space at the table for someone.

*We could tell someone what we love about them.

We celebrated the Euros this week with lots of football fun in the garden.

Mrs Franks took the opportunity to teach the children some traditional Scottish songs on Friday ahead of the big Scotland v England game.

We have adopted some more Acorns pets this week too - some newt tadpoles.

We have to keep them separate from our other tadpoles so have set up another little pool for them.

They have already grown legs so we don't think it will be long before they are ready to leave their pool to go off exploring the big wide world.

We also cleaned out our original tadpole pool, giving them fresh water and some new food for the week.

We used magnifying glasses to get a better look at them, trying to see if they are growing legs.

We also went on a bug hunt in the garden. Mrs Irwin had bought us a new bug kit and we went in search of mini beasts hiding under plant pots.

We found woodlouse, spiders and even a really long wiggly worm.

We made something special for our Dads this week and we hope they all have a wonderful day on Father's Day.

On top of all this we also enjoyed story times,building towers and making the most amazing maple run.

We had music sessions with Miss Matthews and lots of fun outside in the garden.

Here are a selection of photos from the week.

Apologies that there was no blog last week. Here are some pictures from the week - better late than never :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

See you next week for more fun and games.


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