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Harvest Festival At Westmeston

This week after making bread and scarecrows we celebrated Harvest Festival at the Church. The children have talked lots about Harvest and all the work that goes into preparing food for winter.

We played a guess the Fruit/ Vegetable game and had fun doing some fruit and vegetable printing.

Warren brought in an excellent book about the Human Body which the children found fascinating. This meant we needed to test out our breathing and hearts rates by riding our bikes super-fast and completing the obstacle course.

On Friday we were joined by some parents and grandparents for our trip to the church. Gary told us all about harvest and let the children do a treasure hunt for pictures of fruits and vegetables. He then did an experiment with us and managed to ‘grow a rainbow’. We will be trying this at Acorns, it was fun!

Finally before heading back to The Acorns, the children took turns ringing the church bells.

Thank you so much for all the donations of food, Gary will be taking all the food to the Hassocks Food Bank.

This week we are talking about our family we would love to see some pictures of your homes, pets and family members.

Next half term we will be focussing on celebrations and festivals, if you have any that are special to you please let us know so we can share them. Thank you.


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