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Acorns 25 - Week Commencing 6.3.23

This week at The Acorns we have been learning about colour. What a great bright and colourful week we have had.

The children have experimented with colour mixing. Learning how to mix colours together to make new colours. We experimented with paint and food coloring. Mixing colours helped to build the children’s creativity and some older children were able to make predictions and test their knowledge. The children were very focused and interested in this activity and returned to it over the course of the week, building and extending their knowledge.

Exploring with paint has allowed the children to create some big beautiful masterpieces to take home. We hope they bring lots of colour into your homes.

Together we have been creating some surprises for a speciial upcoming day. The children worked hard to squish the clay and mostly enjoyed getting mucky hands.

The rain came and the children didn’t need any encouragement to splash in puddles, make mud pies and splosh dinosaurs in trays of water.

Playing in puddles helps children to explore movement building and strengthening their physical development skills. Children can practice running, jumping, hopping, stirring, splashing and kicking.

We provided the children with plenty of opportunities to identify colours. This block challenge was great for colour identification, mathematical awareness, counting, making patterns and spatial awareness.

Building children’s independence skills in readiness for school is something we practice every day. We encourage children to put on their own coats and shoes, make choices at mealtimes, spread their toast, clear plates as well as washing their hands and using the toilet when they are ready. The children learn a handwashing song to enable them to develop suitable handwashing skills. Please try and support this independence at home, allowing a little more time for children to have ago at things themselves. This really helps with building their confidence, developing a sense of self, building fine and gross motor skills, that they need for future school readiness.

Next week we are exploring shape.


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