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Week commencing 5th October 2020 - Lindfield.

Focus - People and communities (Understanding the World)

We started the week with a lovely walk around the village.

When we are out walking we hold on to a magic rope that helps keep us all together and keep us safe. We need to use our listening ears and we learn about road safety.

We walked to ‘The Conker House’ which isn't too far away from The Acorns.

Each year we are invited to a local garden to collect the fallen conkers. We collected lots and put them into a big bucket to take back to The Acorns.

On the walk we stopped to chat to people, looked at pretty flowers in the gardens and noticed bus stops and signs within the environment.

There was so many things to see!

We walked to Pickers Green and enjoyed collecting some acorns and other treasures.

We loved having a run around on the grass.

The football pitch has been marked out so we walked along the white painted lines, arms outstretched to help us balance.

We have talked a lot about people in our community this week and in the garden we spoke about Daniel, our gardener. He helps Mrs Irwin to keep our garden nice by cutting the lawn and tending to the flowers and plants.

Some of the children took it in turns to cut the grass with our pretend mower.

We spoke about builders and made some amazing towers and structures.

Here are just a few of these week's creations ….

We spoke about the Emergency services and the children were excited to build some vehicles. We made Fire Engines, Ambulances and Special Rescue vehicles.

We also did some puzzles that had Emergency vehicle pictures.

With the conkers we collected earlier in the week we made some snails.

We softened some plasticine in our hands and then rolled out long sausage shapes before rolling our conkers up. Look how amazing they are!

We also painted some conkers and our teachers wrote some numbers on them. We tried hard to line the numbers up correctly.

We plan to do lots of things with our conker haul over the next few weeks – Watch this space!

We enjoyed our music sessions this week and we are learning lots of new songs.

We spent time exploring the sounds our instruments could make and we played them together as a band.

Do any of our parents play instruments?

On Friday we celebrated ‘WORLD EGG DAY’

We each carefully held an egg and talked about where they came from.

We cracked open some eggs to look inside, learning about the yolk and the egg white.

We fried an egg and scrambled an egg for the children to taste.

We asked if the children knew of other ways which we could cook eggs.

“Poached Eggs” said Jasper.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone next week.

Our focus for the week will be Expressive Arts and Design and the letter of the week will be E.

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