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Week commencing March 16th March - Westmeston

This week we welcomed a new member to the Acorns family: Paulina, who will be leading us in all sorts of forest fun. On Tuesday, we headed down to the woods to meet her. She had set up a circle of seats and she told us all about the fun activities we could choose from.

We started by cleaning our hands in the special outdoor hand washing station made from an old plastic bottle with holes in.

We then started on our activities. We had a go at using a hand drill to make a hole in wooden discs. Then we threaded wool through the hole to make a necklace which we decorated with shells and colours.

Another activity was making houses in the woods for some cuddly forest friends. Some of us gave ourselves the challenge of camouflaging the animals in the woods for Paulina to find. We also made a wonderful shelter for ourselves using fallen branches. What a cosy spot!

One of our favourite activities in the woods involved mud - of course!! We had the chance to decorate a very clean, white sheet with mud paint. Being Acorns children, we didn't just use sticks and brushes, but our hands as well. We enjoyed collecting new mud 'paint' from the puddles on the footpath and even painted some trees.

There were plenty of interesting things to spot and find amongst the leaves and ivy. What a fun time we had. Thank you Paulina!

Back at the Westmeston site, we enjoyed a range of crafting activities during the week. We coloured in vegetables and discussed why they are so good for us - full of vitamins and minerals to keep us strong and healthy.

In a tray of salt, we practised drawing letters with our fingers and then shaking the tray gently to make the letter disappear.

It's Mother's Day on Sunday and we hope all of our lovely Mums have a wonderful, restful day! To celebrate, we made candle holders using jam jars and paint. We hope you like them!

We were only a small group on Friday but we still had lots of outdoor fun. On our walk, we revisited the woods where we had played with Paulina. There were lots of interesting things to see along the way.

What a wonderful final week we had before our little holiday from The Acorns. Whilst we are apart, we can share our stories and pictures on our Facebook pages - the teachers would love to see and hear about what we have been up to.

The Acorns is a very special place and we will appreciate it all the more when we return. Have a happy, healthy holiday everybody.

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