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Week commencing 16th March 2020 - Lindfield.

Week commencing 16th March 2020 – Lindfield.

On Monday we welcomed another new member of staff to our team.

Paulina is joining us every Monday and will be holding forest school sessions with the children both in the garden at The Acorns and out and about within the village.

The older children were excited to go out on an adventure with Paulina and Miss Reay.

They walked beautifully holding onto the magic rope to Pickers Green where Paulina had set up a camp.

Upturned buckets were placed in a circle and Paulina explained to the children where they would build their 'camp fire'

She taught the children some very important rules about never walking near the fire or across the fire and to always walk around the outside of the safety barriers.

The children were all given a soft toy, a badger, fox, hedgehog, frog, kookaburra, grass snake and a beetle. They spoke about the animals natural habitats and set off to make their animals a safe den to live in.

Paulina had also brought some frog spawn in to show us, we learned all about the life cycle of frogs.

We each made a special necklace using wood cookies, we decorated our wooden disks with pictures of ladybirds and butterflies and then we used a hand drill to make a hole allowing us to thread through some wool.

We had a hand washing station where we each took turns to help our friends to wash their hands by pouring the water for them.

In the afternoon another group of children decorated plant pots with Paulina in the garden. It was such a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the birds were singing.

The children ripped out pictures of pretty flowers and plants from gardening magazines and set to work sticking them onto their pots. We were hoping to do some planting in the pots next week.

We had such a brilliant time.

We have been lucky with the weather this week and have managed to spend lots of time outdoors in the sunshine.

We played on the bikes and trikes, in the mud kitchen and on the pirate ship.

We painted some terracotta pots and enjoyed a planting activity.

We learned the name of the plant - Aloe Vera.

To help the children remember what the plant was called we pretended Miss Reay was called Vera and we shouted "Hello Vera!"

Mrs Franks had brought the plant in from home. The Mummy plant had lots of babies and they needed to be re-potted as the were all a bit squished.

We carefully tickled out the roots and each chose our own plant.

We went on a secret mission ...

We drew some lovely pictures and a potted up an extra plant to deliver to our next door neighbours.

We wrote a little note that said ...

"We are having a little holiday from The Acorns. We hope you enjoy the peace & quiet and we will see you when we get back."

We tiptoed up the drive, left the note and plant on the step then went to wait at the bottom of the drive to wave to them when they answered the door.

They are having a little holiday too and said they will be excited to see us back soon.

We spoke about being kind to each other and how it feels when you do something nice for other people.

Whilst we are having our holiday from Acorns we would love to hear stories about kindness - so please share your tales on our Facebook page.

Keep an eye on the Facebook page as we will use this to keep in touch with you all.

Stay Safe and we hope to see you all very soon.

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