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Week commencing 2nd March 2020 - Lindfield.

Welcome to the latest blog post.

All week we have been celebrating World Book Day.

Each day the children have been encouraged to come to The Acorns in fancy dress.

We have seen some brilliant costumes

Stick man, Elsa & Anna from Frozen, Belle, Harry Potter, Olaf the Snowman, Super Heroes and Peter Pan to name just a few.

We have really enjoyed dressing up this week and talking about our favourite stories and characters.

Tommy made a Supertato at home and brought him in to share with us all. It’s Brilliant!! We might copy the idea and make some other vegetable characters.

We know that the person who writes a story is called an Author and also that the person who draws the pictures is an Illustrator.

Our focus of the week was Expressive Arts and Design – Being Imaginative.

We spent lots of time role playing this week and accessing small world sets like the cars and garage, the farm set and the doll’s house.

We searched the nursery for loose parts and props to support our play.

Felix the bear has been on another wonderful adventure – he travelled all the way to Chichester!

He has now gone home with someone else for a few days. We look forward to seeing what he has been up to.

We made some fresh play dough and used special mats to create faces; we looked in mirrors to help us.

We decorated pieces of fabric using pens and made little blankets for our soft toys.

We did lots of mark making and drawing, both indoors and out.

The children are encouraged to hold their pencils correctly. Take a look at some of our pencil grips …

Chalking in the garden has been a firm favourite this week. We chalked on everything – benches, paving slabs and trees knowing that the rain would soon wash it all away.

We went on a bear hunt on Friday, just like the one in our story of the fortnight.

We searched high and low for the hidden bear in the garden and look what we found hiding in the sand tray.

What a wonderful week!

We hope you all have a great weekend and we look forward to more fun, laughter and learning next week.

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