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2nd - 13th December - Westmeston

It was busy, busy at Acorns Westmeston for the last few weeks of term. We practised our writing in a variety of ways, using rainbow rice to trace letters with our fingers and a whiteboard to draw and write on.

We started to get into the festive spirit by making our own snow, which made a nice change from all the rain there had been! We used tractors and trailers to transport the snow and worked together to collect it all into a pile.

Although we had a lot of rain, it made the sunny days all the more glorious. We noticed some winter shoots coming through and we had to be careful not to tread on them or dig them up as we played.

One of our favourite games is to balance on the logs in the fire circle. We had a go at seeing how many of us could fit onto one log! It required coordination and a lot of teamwork.

Of course we had lots of Christmas fun before we broke up for the holidays. Thank you to everyone who came to watch our Christmas concert - we certainly had fun performing for you.

Our Tuesday group were lucky enough to visit Westmeston church where our friends Gary, Tessa and Paul helped us to make Christdingles. We used an orange to represent the world; four sticks to represent the points of the compass; sweets and raisins to represent the sweet things in life and a candle to represent the baby Jesus. We had a good look at all of the Christmas decorations in the church and also had a go at ringing the bells.

On Friday we finished the term off with a super Christmas party. We made crowns to wear and also made lovely centre pieces for the Christmas table.

Of course, it wouldn't be a party without some games and yummy food.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and we can't wait to hear all about your holidays when we come back in January.

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