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Week beginning 13th May - Westmeston

This week we have been thinking about keeping healthy. We thought about different things that are important to our health - activity, good food, water, keeping clean and being aware of our feelings.

On Tuesday, we used fruit and vegetables to create different patterns with paint.

We noticed how the different fruit and vegetables made interesting patterns and shapes. We also enjoyed cleaning the fruit and vegetables, although we didn't fancy eating it afterwards!

We all caught the cleaning bug this week. On Tuesday, Mrs Tubb wanted us to help clean some chalk off the gate that shouldn't have been there. We used scrubbing brushes and paintbrushes with water. We worked well as a team to get the job done and then ran off to find other things to clean around Westmeston - tree stumps, tree trunks and the outdoor furniture.

We then discovered how we could use water and paintbrushes to draw pictures on the tarmac.

We watched as the sunshine dried our pictures. It was interesting to see which part of our drawing disappeared first.

On Wednesday, the cleaning continued as we worked as a team to clean the hall after lunch.

As part of our 'keeping healthy' focus, we have been looking at cleaning our teeth properly. We talked about how important it is to clean off any leftover food from our teeth every morning and night. We showed off our tooth brushing skills using our giant toothbrush and teeth.

All week, we have been busy practising writing our names. Our pencil control is improving with every practice.

On Thursday we set up a station to see how far we could jump. We drew lines at 25cm intervals to measure our jumps. We showed great resilience and improved our distance with every attempt.

Then we set up an obstacle race. We had to jump through some hoops, balance along the blocks then weave through the cones. Mrs Tubb timed us to see how quickly we could do it.

We have been on some lovely walks in the sunshine this week. We were interested to see some tractors tending to the cricket pitch at the end of the lane. We also enjoyed singing and dancing around the trees!

On Friday, we used the role-play area as a shop and sold all sorts of different things, such as food, cars and play-doh cakes!

Outside, we set up a rope swing. It was fun to swing on it in different ways. We even tried to attach a cushion as a seat to make it more comfortable to sit on.

On our walk, we visited the mountain again. Our friends the sheep from last week had moved on, but we saw evidence that they had been there, including lots of sheep wool on the bushes and trees.

Back at Westmeston, we used blossom and leaves that we had found on the ground to make suncatchers. We attached sticky back plastic to a frame and placed the petals and leaves onto it. We covered them with another piece of sticky back plastic to make the suncatchers. Unfortunately, there wasn't much sun to catch on Friday, but they still looked pretty when held up to the light.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend. Please remember that Westmeston is closed this Thursday due to polling for the European Elections. Also, next week is the final week before half term. Hasn't that gone quickly!

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