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Week commencing 4th February 2019 - Lindfield.

Stay and Play Week.

It was lovely to have you here and for you to join in with our free play, crafts and carpet times. We hope you enjoyed your time with us.

Please remember that we have an open door policy at The Acorns and that you are always welcome to stay and play or to pop in during the day to see what we are up to. On Monday we enjoyed free painting, we used bright colours and painted some amazing pictures that are now hanging up around the nursery.

We read lots of stories and had fun dressing up and playing with the picnic set. It’s been a firm favourite this week.

Thank you to everyone who brought in a special book to share this week.

We practised our name writing – we are holding our pencils correctly and tracing over the letters in our names. We are learning how to form the letters properly.

On Tuesday we celebrated Chinese New Year.

We danced to some traditional Chinese music at circle time.

On the mark making table we looked at numerals and tried hard to write our ages.

We made a number line at carpet time and had to work out where to stand.

At snack time we ate prawn crackers and enjoyed a Chinese meal at lunch time.

We know that it is the year of the pig.

We made lanterns to take home, cutting our paper carefully with scissors. We even tied the knots so we could hang them up.

Look at this Dragon … We had fun taking turns to wear the costume and walk around the room.

On Wednesday we did some finger painting and made more beautiful pictures to display in the nursery.

We hunted for wild animals hiding in the lounge and used magnifying glasses and binoculars to help spot them.

We enjoyed drawing round our hands and colouring them in. We thought about all the things we could do with our hands. At The Acorns we have kind and helpful hands.

On Thursday we started to think ahead to Valentine’s Day next week.

We are making a display in the kitchen of our Valentine’s Day work and would love you to come in and have a look. We will add to it each day next week.

We had fun in the garden each day, the mud kitchen is very muddy and we have been making tasty mud pies and mud cakes.

We made pancakes for tea during the child minding hours. We helped to weigh out the ingredients and we mixed the batter with a whisk.

On Friday we had a very small group of only 5 children.

We had fun outdoors, had picnics and dressed up.

We played on the giant bean bag and then huddled up together to read lots of wonderful stories.

We made some sticky collage pictures to take home in the afternoon. We used lots of glue and got very sticky fingers!

What a marvellous week!

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