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Week Commencing 19th November - Westmeston

We had snow! The sheep were nice and warm in their woolly jumpers. We made sure that we were nice and warm too when we went outside. It's hard work but we are becoming experts at putting our shoes and wellies on, doing buckles and Velcro fastenings. We can put our legs in the leg holes and our arms in the arm holes of our wet weather suits and do so many things by ourselves now! We are also understanding what we need to do to keep warm outside, cool down inside and how our bodies get hot and thirsty after running around.

We have enjoyed watching the sheep and checking that none are caught on the brambles. We watched the farmers rounding them up ready to move them. We tried to count them but there were so many!

We saw a very interesting fungi on our travels. Alice said that it looked like a crab while another said that it looked like a flower. The ground is lovely and wet so just perfect for fungi to grow.

We explored lumps of ice. We learned that it all melts and that small bits melt quicker than the big bits. We used plastic syringes to draw water up and squirt over the ice to try and melt it further. We talked about and played with animals that live in icy lands.

Talking of animals that live in icy lands we have been preparing our Christmas cards. It involved painting the bottoms of our feet with black paint. It was very tickly. I wonder what animal it could be?

We ended the week by junk modelling with household packaging and natural material such as sycamore bark, pine needles, cones and pieces of wood. Even if we didn't make anything we enjoyed the process of playing with the different materials.

We are of course working hard at practising the songs and actions for the Christmas concert. The tickets are on sale now!

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