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Week commencing 29th October 2018 - Lindfield.

We hope you all had a wonderful half term break, it sounds like you were all very busy over the holiday and had lots of fun adventures.

On Monday we made some potato print pictures. We carved pumpkin and spider shapes into our potatoes and made prints on our paper. The pictures are great!

On the painting table we had some real pumpkins to look at.

Mrs Franks cut one open so we could see and smell inside.

“Ewwww – It smells like tuna.”

“I think it smells like fruit.”

“Can we eat it?”

Mrs Tubb came to play and we enjoyed reading our books to her. It was so exciting to have someone new to play with.

Miss Reay helped us to carve a pumpkin in the garden - we had to listen carefully and be very careful as Miss Reay was using a very sharp knife.

We helped to pull all of the seeds out. It felt very slimy!

On Tuesday we made black cat collages and paper plate pumpkins. We worked really hard and are so proud of our work.

We spent some time in the garden enjoying the mud that is forming in the mud kitchen.

We took turns and shared whilst using the bikes and scooters. We are still using a sand timer to support us in our sharing and it is working really well.

On Wednesday we made Halloween masks. We decorated them with sparkles. They looked fabulous!

We enjoyed drawing and mark making with our special home-made pumpkin crayons.

We also hunted for spiders and bugs, both indoors and out. We used magnifying glasses to help us search.

On Thursday we started to think about bonfire night celebrations and spoke about fireworks and how they light up the sky with beautiful colours. We did some splatter painting on black paper that looked a lot like fireworks.

Are you going to any Firework displays over the weekend?

On Friday we spent lots of time in the garden. We found some ice that had formed in a tub and enjoyed watching it melt in the sunshine.

We all took turns to play a miming game in the garden, acting something out and the other children had to guess what we were doing. It was so much fun. We laughed A LOT.

All week the children have been bringing in their carved pumpkins for our competition. We cast a vote and have a winner ... ... ...

Well Done Ada !!

There is a little prize waiting for you at The Acorns.

Well done to everyone who took part in the competition, we really enjoyed seeing your pumpkin creations. Its been a great success !

Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you next week for more fun and games.

Stay safe if you are near Fireworks !!

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