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Week commencing 1st October - Westmeston

What beautiful weather we have had this week!

We went to St Martin's Church on Tuesday to see the flower and harvest festival displays. They were amazing. We were very excited to see the display that we had made at Acorns. Mother Nicole and Gary made us feel very welcome. We sang All Things Bright and Beautiful which was the theme of the display and another song that we had been practising called Autumn Leaves. We pretended to be acorns

growing into trees and blowing in the wind. We all had a turn at ringing the church bells! We really enjoyed having the opportunity to explore this beautiful church and can't wait to visit again at Christmas. It was lovely that Tessa and Sam's Granny, Jo, were able to help out with the visit. Thank you!

We have been doing some unhealthy cooking this

week! We have made chocolate conkers and rocky road. We had to be inventive with ways in which to smash up biscuits and we used

logs and potato mashers. It was really hard for us to try

not to eat the mixtures while we were preparing them and both treats had to be "cooked" in the fridge!

We talked about healthy eating and made sure that we had plenty of water and fresh fruit and vegetables to balance out the treats.

We have been out on walks and continue to observe the changes as we move into October.

We have been encouraged to sit or lie down and look

and listen to the natural sounds around us. We can hear the birds , insects buzzing and the dry leaves rustling in the trees. We can also hear aeroplanes!

Leaves are falling all around us and we are

becoming very interested in identifying and matching them. The woods are full of beautiful smells

and we

found more ivy flowers, some we found were covered in insects. Such a lovely scent!

We found some lovely places to dig. Some of us were surprised to find buried conkers. We thought about who might have buried them which lead to a discussion about animals having to store food for the long winter months ahead. The conkers were reburied!

We look forward to seeing you next week.

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