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Week commencing 24th September 2018 - Westmeston

This week it has been all about harvest. Thank you for the lovely selection of vegetables that have been brought in. We have had various squash, broccoli, pepper and a few strange things too! We have looked at the lovely colours and talked about them. We will take the vegetables that we haven't used to the Church with us on Tuesday for their display.

Mrs Irwin made some lovely chips out of a squash which we all

enjoyed with our lunch on Tuesday. They were yummy. We also ate courgette.

This coming Tuesday, for the Tuesday children, there is a trip to St Martin's Church to see a combined Flower and Harvest Festival. We have been learning some songs. The chorus to All Things Bright and Beautiful and Autumn Leaves are Falling Down which we have been learning the signs to. Parents are welcome to join us and we plan to leave at 10.15 to get to the Church at 10.30.

We decorated an acorn made out of oasis with flowers that Gary dropped off on Friday for display in the Church. We can't wait to go to the Church on Tuesday to see it with the other displays. The flowers were called chrysanthemums and we were interested to see that some of them had been dyed an interesting blue colour! That sounds like an experiment for us to try in the future!

We have made the most of the beautiful weather by going on lots of walks. We have been to the

woods and up the mountain! The path up to the downs

was truly beautiful. We heard and then saw bees buzzing on the surprisingly beautifully scented ivy flowers. We learned that the late flowering ivy is an important food source for late flying insects tempted out by the warm weather. The hedges and trees are full

of the beautiful bright red berries of rosehips, hawthorn and the very poisonous white bryony that hangs like a garland.

We have looked through binoculars to see things that are far away and we have learned how to work out whether things are close or near by sight and sound. We have looked at a compass and know that the needle on a compass always points North. We can then work out the other directions of South, East and West as soon as we know where North is.

We had to walk through a flock of sheep. We were very quiet and careful because we didn't want to frighten them.

On Friday we made tiger bread. It was really tasty and we had it with our lunch. Miss Vincent

showed us how to rub the spread into the flour and then how to knead the dough. It was interesting watching the topping come alive - a mixture of yeast, sugar, salt and butter!

Conker Sheep has come back from Matilda's house, it was lovely to see how much time he spends outside! He is now having a rest before heading off on his next adventure!

We look forward to seeing you all next week.

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