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Week Beginning 14th May - Westmeston

We have had a very busy and exciting week. We have played with porridge and eaten porridge just like Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Miss Vincent helped us to make paper using recycled scraps. We had to use an electric blender to make

a pulp then she helped us to catch the paper on a mesh tray. We then dried it. It is a very good thing that we try to recycle all of our used resources whenever we can. I wonder what we can use our recycled paper for?

We tried to make musical dandelion horns with dandelion stems and some of them actually worked! They made a funny sound and we got quite worn out with all that blowing!

We made buzzy bees out of pinecones and wool. We had to wind wool around the cones and tie on wings made from recycled plastic carrier bags.

It was fun playing hide and seek in the overgrown wild flower area of the grounds. We enjoyed making potions and soup in the mud kitchen and there were lots of

flowers to identify. We looked for bugs in the veggie garden and found a centipede with lots and lots of legs. We tried to make a bug hotel using pots, straw, canes and rocks.

Up on the mountain we went bug collecting. We

carefully caught creatures in our pots and looked at ID cards and books. We knew and understood that we had to let the bugs go again

because they would die if we left them in the pots. We carefully picked buttercups (as there were loads of them growing) to press in a flower press to be used on another day.

It was lovely to see so many crowns brought in this

week and we had a lovely time on Friday as we let the children choose the best one. It was a hard decision as they were all wonderful. Harry and Megan

inspired us to act out our own wedding so Zoe and Luca got married so we could get an idea of what it was all about. This led to discussions about brides and grooms, grooms and grooms and brides and brides! We also talked about members of the Royal family.

Miss Edwards did tricks with us on our scooters and bikes although she had to borrow a helmet - or was it a crown!

We are working very hard at being independent with our shoes , clothes and personal hygiene. Every day we practise our maths and phonics. It is lovely to practise our reading in the sunshine.

Finally, Conker Sheep has had a lovely time at Sally's house and then Felicity's house. Where will he go next?

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